Migrate To Australia

Are you looking to migrate to Australia? We will assist you throughout the process, including Skills Assessments, State Nomination, Expression of Interest and Application. We can even lodge the required skills assessment required for all general skilled migration visas. Different Skills Assessment Authorities have specific and complicated requirements that you must meet, and specific documentation that you need to provide. We ensure all documents provided meet the requirements for the skills assessment.We ensure clients choose the correct occupation when applying.

We ensure clients correctly calculate the points and advice on the likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for the visa. Correctly calculating your points is more complicated than most applicants expect. For example, you may only be able to calculate some periods of your work experience.   

We can assist clients in obtaining state nomination by providing all of the relevant documentation required by each State or Territory Government. We ensure that all applications are processed a quickly as possible, which is vitally important iii situations where time is of the essence. If possible, we aim to submit a decision ready application.Our Registered Migration Agents recognise and rectify potential problems with applications before applications are submitted. 

We provide assistance translating any required documents such as degrees, qualification documents and letters of reference.

We assist with including family members on the application.

We assist with rectifying problems with previous visa applications and seeking waivers for previous conditions imposed.